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The Best Green-Gray Paint Color...Ever!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023


July is here! This is the month of happiness, vacations, relaxation, hours spent with family and friends. I was having a tough time deciding which colors to discuss in this month’s color palette - until I was browsing through some of my favorite design blogs online and came upon Sherwin Williams’ 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog. This is the best green-gray paint color ever….seriously! It’s THE perfect shade to feature in a farmhouse kitchen, a living room, a home library, or an office. Want this exact palette for your room? Now you can purchase this to receive direct links to each product!

Recently I wrote a blog article about the use of organic color palettes in the home. Organic colors make so much sense for so many reasons. They're timeless. Attractive. Gentle. Flexible. They don't go out of style.

Evergreen Fog is a great example of an organic color that fits beautifully with neutrals like khaki, cream, and white. These soothing, sophisticated color palettes create a sense of peace and tranquility at home.

I found this color a few years back while working on a client's mudroom that is right off of their kitchen. I wanted to offset the cream colored cabinets while creating a welcoming feel since this is the first room you enter from outside. This color is perfect! And better yet, it hides all those scuff marks from shoes being thrown off by the kids (and us, haha). I suspected there was something special about this color when I picked it for this particular project, so I wasn't surprised at all when Sherwin Williams selected it as the 2022 color of the year. In addition to the fact that this is an elegant color I could stare at for hours, I also think it fits with the overall mood of this year.

After these last few years, 2022 seemed to be the year of starting over. Evergreen Fog brings a rebirth into our homes. Green is a color that reminds us of new life, rejuvenation, growth and success. I think of the word thrive when I see shades of green.

I think of plants overfilling their pots, tropical rainforests, sunlight hitting the leaves. Evergreen Fog is the perfect color for such a time, because it combines the beauty of green with the softness of a neutral.


Versatility in Neutral Shades

The beauty of this color palette is its versatility. It's the opposite of bold. You know that I love bold colors sometimes, but not all clients feel comfortable decorating with shades of wine or teal. Evergreen Fog can be used nearly anywhere in the home, and it appeals to a wide range of tastes. From a decorating standpoint, I can suggest this paint color to just about any client with positive results.

What Colors Go With Gray-Green?

So, what colors look best with this fantastic shade of gray-green?

  • Soft blue. Consider a soft blue with hints of gray mixed in. This accent color can successfully be used in window treatments, found on throw pillows and blankets, and can also be added with candles and other accessories around the room.

  • Yellow. Yellow adds a hint of warmth in the room, but I do recommend that you stick to the lighter shades. Yellow contributes to the feeling of natural growth that you get from the gray-green shade of Evergreen Fog.

  • Cream or ivory. Cream or ivory fills the room with a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. I like milky colors for this purpose. Use cream or ivory in window trim, baseboards, crown molding, and more.

Which Textures?

I also recommend incorporating natural textures into the space. You can pick the textures, whether that's stone, weathered wood, wicker, a chunky wool throw, etc. One excellent way to add texture to a room is to choose a lightly textured window treatment, like linen or cotton drapery. Even surfaces like wood and carpeting can add a feeling of natural texture to the room.

If selecting a carpeting, I recommend Berber carpet. It features big loops and fibers that usually fit well in organic/neutral environments, and often has a texture that reminds me of a woven basket.

How to Use Evergreen Fog At Home

Evergreen Fog is a combination of a soft sage green and a cool gray. I prefer to use it in parts of the house that see a lot of natural light because in darker spaces, it may come off as a bit moody. Not sure if the room is light enough? You can swap out dark window treatments for lighter ones that allow some sunlight to filter into the room. Again, I highly recommend natural materials for your window treatments. As always, I have selected a few items that you can purchase directly from the shop!


My favorite places to use this color:

  • Bedroom or guest room. It's rewarding to sleep in a room that feels like it's designed to soothe your mind and spirit. This paint color absolutely meets that criteria.

  • Nursery. I also like to see this color in a nursery, because it creates a calming environment. Use this in combination with a white or a cream-colored crib.

  • Living room. I think it's important to promote feelings of relaxation in the living room. If you'd like to use bolder colors in your living room, you can always incorporate accents of gold into your light green color palette.

  • Kitchen. This color is the perfect backdrop to a creamy marble or quartz slab. I also think it makes a beautiful color for the cabinetry, too.

Benefits of a Light Green Color Palette

Light green color palettes create a sense of luxurious calm.

  • Gentle on the eyes. This gray-green shade is easy to look at and appreciate. It doesn't overwhelm the senses like some bolder colors might do.

  • Total flexibility. Light green can be used with a variety of browns, grays, blues and golds. I've even seen this color used successfully with shades of dusty rose.

  • Can blend into the background, or leap to the front. Evergreen Fog is subtle enough that you can use it as an accent color or you can place it front and center as the most important color in the room. It's a great hint of color in a room that already has a dominating shade of something else, but if you'd like to make it your primary color in the room, go right ahead. You can't go wrong.


Want More Advice?

If you're decorating your home on your own, my advice is to have fun with it. Choose a space and find ways to incorporate this elegant neutral into your furnishings, wall paint and more. Want a little more inspiration? This article in Architectural Digest showcases some great pictures to see the amazing flexibility and beauty of this color.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of decorating your own space, or if you're still wondering how to choose the right colors to design a gray-green palette, I can help. We all want to fill our homes with beauty and create an environment that we love to come home to. I’d love to make that happen in your space, feel free to contact me to get started with your home's interior decorating scheme. Click here for services!

Until next time friends,

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