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An Organic Color Palette Might Be Just What You Need

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Before we dive in, I want to first announce what I’ll be doing with one of my blog posts each month. In addition to the regular blogs that I put out about all kinds of design topics (don’t worry, those aren’t going anywhere!), I’ll be including one that has a monthly theme dedicated to a specific color palette.

Each month will be a different design and I’ll describe what it is, ways to use the palette, and explain why it works. To really take any guesswork out of how you can add it into your own home, there will be a link to my design shop with actual items you can purchase that fit within that month’s theme. I’m really excited to come up with something fun for you all every month! So stay tuned :)

Ok, Let’s Go Organic!

The first installment for the monthly theme is the “Organic” color palette! Whether you're painting a room, redecorating a space, or simply imagining the possibilities, this color palette is a great way to make your living space relaxing and soothing. It's a collection of your favorite neutrals like greens, tans, and browns, and even warmer tone grays.

When you're trying to create an organic color palette for your home, any natural colors that go back to colors of the earth have the potential to be in your collection.

Blues, greens, browns, and creams create a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and calmness. I like to combine these color palettes with various wood patterns and natural accents. Although wood finishes show up in many different colors, it always fits in as an earthy element that pairs well with neutral colors.

Think raw wood sculptures or a live edge coffee table, plants (real or faux) placed around the room, and decor that has soft, matte finishes.

Top 4 Benefits of an Organic Palette

There are so many benefits of using an organic palette - which is why you’ll see these elements show up again and again in my design projects! Especially if it’s a space that has amazing views outside with trees, water, or woods. It just flows so well with what’s going on outside.

A lot of people can see, and feel, the benefits of an organic palette, which is why it’s timeless. And so flexible! Here are a few of the benefits of this palette:

1. It’s soothing. If you were to go on a zen retreat tomorrow, there's a good chance you'd spend some time walking around outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty around you. That's because our natural surroundings are inherently peaceful for us. When you copy the colors from nature and place them in your home, you'll get the same effect: soothing, relaxing, and peaceful.

2. Organic, neutral tones can match just about everything. When you use natural colors for your base color palette, you can easily incorporate a variety of other colors into your design. Natural colors can be paired with vibrant hues like splashes of yellow or turquoise. Feel free to have fun and go a little wild with your accent colors as you're combining them with neutrals! They can be changed out more often when you have the neutral base palette in place on your larger pieces. Think of adding interest in terms of texture and tone-on-tone patterns. This is where stone, wood, and other organic materials can really shine when mixed with soft, plush textures in the same space.

3. Effortless sophistication. Neutral colors are more often seen as sophisticated and lean towards a more casual elegance. Compared to bright, primary colors that are most often acknowledged to be a bit more bold and dramatic. In this way, they affect the mood of a space differently than neutral colors. And the good news is, sophisticated doesn’t mean stuffy or uptight! Comfort and luxury work beautifully together.

4. Helps create an uncluttered appearance. Natural colors add to a sense of lightness and brightness indoors that can easily make your interior spaces appear a little less cluttered and a little more open and airy. Just the way I like them.

Organic colors are a great way to bring the outdoors in! I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a client who wasn’t happy with having natural elements in their space, even if it showed up in ways they wouldn’t have thought about. And when we can bring in the peaceful, serene feel that comes from nature, that goes a long way in creating a relaxing oasis in anyone’s home.


Where to Use an Organic Palette

I really like this type of palette best in the gathering areas of the house like the living room, dining room, and family room. Since these spaces have the most visitors, you can feel confident that anyone who walks in will feel comfortable and right at home.

If you're wondering what colors are good for a bedroom, I’d say an earthy color palette can definitely make your bedroom more relaxing and inviting for winding down in the evenings. Soft tones of your favorite colors paired with creams and lighter color wood pieces help this space to feel clean and tranquil. I think sometimes we all need a little help with that after those extra full days!

Organic Colors and Emotional Response - My Take

No doubt that organic colors are relaxing and simple. A big reason I tend to use these color combinations most in my designs is because I feel like everyone deserves a restful, tranquil space of their own.

When you walk into a room decorated with wood patterns and textures, stone materials, lighter colors with accents of greens and blues, it's just so relaxing. Your eyes and mind can rest. I don't know anybody who can look at a room with that sort of color palette and not think to themselves... wow. We feel like we can breathe deep and relax there.

I think natural materials give us a sense of our roots. They communicate that this is a space where you can enjoy the great pleasures in life, give thanks for what you have, and reflect on those things that make you most fulfilled and happy. Earthy colors and textures remind us of what it means to be human and to feel at one with others and the rest of the world.

Natural colors and organic color palettes also remind me of simpler times. They call to mind a cabin in the woods or at the beach. After the last few years, I feel like we all need to have a space at home that can center us while also reminding us of what matters most.


What to Know When Putting Together an Organic Palette

When you're using an organic palette, these tips can help:

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match materials. Stone, plants, wood, bamboo, rattan, natural textiles of leather and linen. These materials work naturally together because of the theme.

  • Look for small opportunities to add "break out" colors. Think: throw pillows in an accent color, a lamp with a splash of red or pink, or curtains with a darker color to add some intrigue.

  • Consider plants to be a part of your decorating scheme. I love vases filled with flowers, potted plants with healthy foliage, vining plants that leave a small, subtle trail that winds to the floor.

  • Remember that less is more. Keep the space open, airy, and light to allow the simple beauty of your decorating scheme to stand out. With just a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, some fixtures that wow and a natural color scheme, you can create a sense of elegance.

  • Consider simple craftsman materials. By this I mean things like brick accents and shiplap. These work since they're made from natural products. I use these materials regularly in my designs because I love the simplicity and the touches of rustic beauty they provide. And don’t forget to be mindful of the fabric selections with ones that feel like cotton, wool, or leather.

To start getting some ideas, or buy some new pieces that fit in with this palette, take a look at my design shop! You can find it here.

Want to have samples of the palette shown above sent directly to you? Great! Email me and I'll get them sent to you!

Organic Colors Make Your Home Feel Peaceful

Ultimately, I think it's important to make your home a comfortable, cozy space that you and others can enjoy. A natural color palette in interior design is a way that you can make your living room, dining room, and bedroom feel relaxing.

If you're looking for living room design ideas in 2022, or if you simply want to incorporate the top home decor color trends of 2022 into your home, give me a call! I can help with everything from space planning to full service residential design. With the right colors and decor, I can help you create a look you love.

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