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My custom designs focus on your lifestyle, functioning needs and sustainability.  I work with architects, contractors, painters and manufacturers to create a home you can feel relaxed in, inspired by, but mostly a home you LOVE!


Whether building a new home from scratch or remodeling your existing home, we can help guide you through the whole project from early meetings with the Architect to the final accessory placement.

We can provide a cosmetic refresh with new furnishings, paint, wallpaper, lighting, and anything else your heart desires.


We provide a full custom design showcasing the layout, color palette and suggested furnishings and accessories for your home.  This is a great way to jumpstart your home project!

The Design Process 

BDesign'D offers custom interior designs tailored to your everyday life.  Whether you are looking for inspiration to jump start your project or need guidance every step of the way, BDesign'D will come with a fresh eye to achieve the distinct look that reflects you.

Once you complete the contact form, we will have a FaceTime phone consultation to discuss your specific project, giving us a chance to ask each other important questions while reviewing your space. If you'd like to move forward, a home consultation schedule will be sent to you for booking.  

During the home consultation, a project breakdown will be conducted to review the design process and expectations.   This is also when measurements and pictures will be taken.  Following the consultation, a detailed design proposal will be sent for review along with BDesign'Ds  Letter of Agreement.  

Each design project begins with a full custom design plan including color palette, room layout along with sourced furniture and accessories will be provided. You are presented with designer fabrics for custom upholstery and drapery, samples of flooring and paint colors, combined with 3D Renders to help you understand how everything is pulled together.  If you select space planning only, BDesign'D will provide you with the full set of designs that include images, sizes for all selections and specific styling guidelines.

After the design presentation, if selected, BDesign'D will take care of all further details by implementing the final plan for you. This includes project management, purchasing, ordering and tracking items, arranging deliveries and resolving any issues that may arise.  

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