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At BDesign'D, we prioritize your lifestyle, functional requirements, and sustainability in our custom designs.  Collaborating with architects, contractors, painters, and manufacturers, we strive to create a home that not only brings you relaxation and inspiration but, above all, a home that you absolutely LOVE!



Our Full Service Design program offers clients a comprehensive design experience, from start to finish. This service is for projects of two full rooms or more, basement remodel and kitchen and bathroom renovations.  We handle all aspects of the project, from the initial concept and custom design, to the finishing details and final styling. BDesign'D will work with you to ensure your space is brought to life exactly as you envisioned.

The Design Outline


Our discovery call is the perfect way to get started on your interior design project. We'll begin with an initial discussion to get a better understanding of your needs, get to know each other and discuss the scope of work. From there, a home consultation is scheduled.


During the home consultation, a project breakdown will be conducted to review the design process and expectations.   This is also when measurements will be taken for space planning purposes.  Following the consultation, a detailed design proposal will be presented reviewing the scope of work, process and pricing.  Since each project is a unique opportunity, projects are priced based on the desired scope of work.  


Each design project begins with a full custom design plan including color palette, room layout along with sourced furniture and accessories will be provided. You are presented with designer fabrics for custom upholstery and drapery, samples of flooring and paint colors, combined with 3D Renders to help you understand how everything is pulled together.  

Final Steps

After the design presentation, BDesign'D will take care of all further details by implementing the final plan for you. This includes project management, sourcing, purchasing and tracking items, arranging installation and resolving any issues that may arise.  


An efficient alternative to our full-service projects. Ideal for clients who prefer to approach home projects on their own timeframe.   You can expect a custom design along with deliverables of 3D Design Renders, furniture and accessory layout, styling instructions and a personal design studio where you'll have itemized link access any time you need.  The Design Therapy Service experience allows you to transform your space on your terms, from the comfort of your own home.  



You will receive a customized 3D design of each space to show layout, color palette and final design of all furniture, accessories and finishes selected for each room.

-A black and white 2D space plan layout and elevations to show scale, layout, and placement of all items for each room.

-A personalized studio that hosts all boards, space plans, furniture and accessory selections with individual links for you to directly purchase each item, final notes and styling instructions for easy access at any time.

What To Expect with Virtual Design


Our discovery call is the perfect way to get started on your interior design project. We'll begin with an initial discussion to get a better understanding of your needs, get to know each other and discuss the scope of work.


We offer custom design services for any room in your home. BDesign'D will work closely with you to create a unique space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

*Room measurements are provided by the client or can be completed during an in home consultation

Final Steps

After receiving your designs virtually, you’ll have everything needed to make your dreams for your space a reality, when the timing is ideal for you. That said, to ensure flawless execution, we recommend following the detailed instructions included in your final packet and hiring professionals if needed.


Our space planning service is designed to help you bring your interior design vision to life. We'll create a 3D model of your space, so you can get a clear idea of what it will look like from the very start of the project right through to the finished design. With this service, you'll be able to truly visualize and experience the transformation before it takes place. 

You are to receive a custom room 3D design that shows layout, suggested fabrics, flooring, area rugs, hard finishes (cabinets, counters, tiles) wallpaper, lighting, paint color, accessories selected for each space.  

Interior Designer

What To Expect with Space Planning

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