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Spring is upon us!

Well almost - but we are close enough and with the temps in the 50s the next two weeks here in NJ we can say that it is indeed upon us! Spring is a time for growth, getting outside after the long, gray winter (even though this one was not as bad as past ones) and getting inspired for new beginnings! Spring begins the busy season for home projects and just like you guys, the hubby and I have a growing list of projects we want to do in our new home. If you missed that we moved last June (can you believe it's been that long already?!) you can read about it here.

One of the first things I find that jumpstart home projects is the need to paint, or the want to paint, I should say. With magazines, social media and HGTV/DIY networks at our fingertips, there's always something that we see that sets the gears in motion for projects and I thought I'd put together a quick list for what I like to call "weekend to months projects." I call them this because let's face it, we all get up on that sunny Saturday morning and with that burst of energy go to Lowe's or Home Depot, grab a paint, supplies and start painting. 99.9% of the time what it transpires into is A. the wall color not coming out as the color you thought it would be. B. the furniture and accessories color look all wrong or C. all of the above. That, my friends, turns into the cycle of buying new furniture and/or accessories and hoping that circle only goes around 1 time.


Now, I don't say this to persuade you to NOT do any home projects but here are some quick pointers:

1. Begin with a plan.

BBOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG... the best part of some of these weekend projects is the whim of it all! The truth is though that the excitement of tearing out that bathroom vanity you've hated for years can quickly come to a halt if you buy the replacement without measuring properly. So measure, measure and re-measure to ensure it fits not only in the bathroom but in the doorway--very common mistake there. Pre-select your colors, hardware and accessories.

2. Begin with large, overly large (like poster size large) paint samples.

Please do NOT select a paint color from the tiny swatch at the stores. There are resources that you can buy peel and stick paint samples like Samplize that will send you samples of either Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams etc. for you to put on your wall. If you prefer to do it yourself, grab a pint and white poster board and paint two coats. Move these samples around the room of choice at any given time of day or night so you can see just how it would reflect. There is not one color out there that does not have some sort of undertone color and that can easily be missed from a tiny 2x2 swatch.

3. Keep in mind budget and time

I always like to advise my clients to take the number they have in their mind and times it by 2. Projects always come with unforeseen circumstances and it is always good to be more than prepared financially and time wise.

4. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone

Guys, this is probably my number 1 for my designs. Yes, we all have our underlying style (mine happens to be woods, whites, grays, faux greenery and natural items 😆) however, the whole reason why we get that itch to get into these weekend projects is not just for the updating factor but because on some level we are looking for a change of scenery. We are looking to switch things up to recharge our senses within our homes. Now I'm not saying that if you have a style like mine to go out and get everything the opposite but I'm saying don't be scared to get that rug that may be a bit bolder than you would select, or the pillows that is not in your everyday color scheme. You may just surprise yourself! Accessories are THE best place to go crazy with patterns and colors because they're a smaller investment and can easily be replaced.

Home projects are one of the best ways to appreciate and love your home again so get outside and get inspired! Tag me on any home projects you do, I'd love to see them!


These completed designs are coming together and I am showing you the progress on Facebook so come follow along!

Until next time friends!


*Beginning a project and need help? From consultations to full service residential design, I can help you create your dream home! Click here for services!

*I'd love for you to follow along with both my client and personal projects in Facebook or Instagram!



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