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New home sneak peek!

Hello from my new home! If you've been reading my blog for a bit, my last post was all about us packing up and moving while giving you some great tips on how to sell your home quickly! (If you missed it you can read that here). I have to say that the entire move was a blur. Literally in 4 days we cleaned out our old home, closed and unpacked two U-Hauls and two PODS worth of furniture and accessories. It was like we were on autopilot, and I will say, as what everyone else says, that I do not plan on doing that ever again HAHA! But it was so worth it.....


As my blog posts are usually more focused on general decorating tips or my completed projects, I wanted to take a different turn with this one. I feel that if you are reading my blog, you are interested in what I have to say regarding our homes and what better way to get to know me than to know what I have happening in my own home. So welcome to my home.


Even though we are pretty much unpacked, I found a lot of what we had in the old home did not fit this home, a dilemma that a majority of people who move find themselves in. Our other home was a center hall colonial, about 40 years old. This home, is modern farmhouse and 4 years old. The layout is completely different AND in a way, we downsized our general living area, Plus, as a lot of others find, our overall taste has changed dramatically over the years. We craved simplicity and a more modern aesthetic while incorporating our love for natural wood and greenery for our furniture and accessories. So, here we are starting over....


The most important view of your home is your entryway. This is the first sight for visitors and it should reflect how the rest of the home is decorated. I love having shelves throughout my home that showcase either little signs, pictures and our overall style. They are so easy to switch out the decor for different seasons or just simple style changes.


Here's a different view from the entryway:

I love how the living room opens to the kitchen.


This is the exact opposite of our other kitchen. You can see the drastic difference here. So we all know that the kitchen is THE only place people gather while at your home. Why you ask? Because usually when you are entertaining you are cooking, getting drinks together or cleaning up (I've tried to not rush to clean up the dishes lately but that is a task I will need to learn slowly haha) and they want to be with you to chat. This was my top priority to get unpacked. If the kitchen is working, everything will follow suit. Unpacking a kitchen though is super stressful! To try and figure out where to put all the bowls and utensils so it all makes sense when cooking made my head hurt haha. Here's the other angle:


Since we just moved in it's safe to say many things will change. We have an entire list of things we are working on in regards to furniture and accessories and it really is so fun doing our own home from scratch! I love how our style has evolved. We are getting our master bedroom together, there's some living room furniture coming soon AND my oldest son's bunk bed bedroom furniture, which I cannot wait to set his room up! Both boys are so excited to sleep in them! I'll have some tips later on how to transition boys rooms from babies to older babies (since they're not teenagers just yet :)) .


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In other news, my basement remodel is just about finished! You guys, I cannot contain my excitement for this project. This has been 8 months in the making and we are counting down to completion! If you want to see the beginning 3D Design and some progress videos, go check them out on my Facebook Page. I am going next week and will be posting more photos and videos!


Thank you all again for following along on my journey. I love being able to inspire you with all things decor. Stay tuned for more home updates!


Until next time,


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