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Color is finally here!

Hello everyone! Can we please stop and admire this gallery wall in my clients new home office! Displaying some family heirlooms and their favorite pictures, these bring in so many different elements to compliment their office. It took several (hundred😆) times to get the layout exactly how we wanted it to look and it was so worth it! You can see the original design I drew up for them and more gallery wall inspiration here.


A welcome to Fall is in order! September and October are really my favorite months out of the year. Not just because one happens to be my birthday month but because with the cooler temperatures (at least here in NJ) coming around, it gets us all in that cozy mode. There is nothing better than an oversized sweater, some leggings and a blanket by the fire.

They are also my favorite months out of the year design wise because seeing all the beautiful changes in scenery in regards to color, entices people to bring that into their homes. We all know that decorating for fall brings out the reds, oranges, and yellows whether it be outside on our front porch or inside. To see some decorating inspiration or if you want a list of what my favorite fall must haves are you can read all about them here.

However, today I want to talk to you about color. I wrote back in 2019 a post about how color was making its way back into designs and this year I really feel like people embraced them. Even for my neutral loving heart, I am bringing more color into my own home and I am so happy to have clients tell me they want more! Not to say that I wasn't hesitant at first but once I began working more with deeper wall colors and more bold accents it opened up a world filled with endless possibilities.

Dining Room 3D Render

Here is a dining room design I did for a current client who right at the beginning stated "we LOVE color." Working with these clients has taken me to a whole new confidence level with my designing. With every project, before presentation, there's always that second guessing. The "what if they hate it" questioning and the preconceived notion that they only want exactly what they see in their favorite catalog or on HGTV. With this design though, once I saw this fabric I just knew it needed to be in their house. It has some blues, greens and oranges in it and they love it! The wall color will compliment the drapes and bringing in some natural textures with the furniture completes the design. This house has all been painted with a color palette that contains both neutral and moody colors and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

Master Bedroom Design 3D Render

Here is the master bedroom design for the same home. They have a teal settee that they wanted to incorporate to the room so I based the monochromatic color palette off of that. Going with a deeper color on the walls allows the rug and drapes to really stand out. It's always good to start with either art or an accessory to build your color scheme. Don't be scared - when done correctly it can be an amazing sight!


My Living Room

Fall brings us reds, oranges and yellows, all warm colors. Warm colors can give us feelings of happiness and energy, which may explain why I love Fall so much 😉. Choosing a color palette for each room isn't just about picking a paint color and hoping it'll work, it's about the ambiance of the room. Is this a room you want to relax in or feel rejuvenated by? Does the room represent your personality and lifestyle? Each color works to bring a certain aspect to the entire design. If you want to incorporate more color into your home but don't want to jump right in with painting the walls start small. Buy the bolder pillows or drapes to see how it alters up the feel of the room. In bedrooms it is always fun to switch

out bedding, especially for those cooler nights, so opt for a more dramatic pattern or color. What a difference just switching out my area rug has made to the overall feel of our living room (our previous one is blue and cream). I am ready to sit here with my boys by the fire and watch a good movie!

Until next time friends, stay healthy and safe!


Stay tuned for some more project updates! Some older ones that have begun again and some fun new ones! You can also follow along with both my client and personal projects in Facebook or Instagram!

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