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2019 is bringing in the color!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope your holiday season was filled with laughter, joy and lots of time relaxing with family and friends. I bring to you for my first blog of the year something that excites me always and that is- COLOR! Ok, now I am all for the simplicity of grays, whites and creams- heck that is all that is in my closet haha- but one thing I have implemented in all of my client designs is the must have of color. Whether it be throw pillows, throw blankets or my favorite, the area rug, I am always looking for ways to splash the room with color. My usual go to for color has been blue and green. I love how well they play off each other, especially with a neutral background. Here is a quick peek at a powder room refresh I am working on:

If you have been following me for a while either on Facebook or Instagram, you will surely find greenery in every design. Plants are a wonderful addition to the home and while it is a personal decision to do faux or real, real plants purify the air and even have some health benefits, while all plants can bring happiness. I should mention though that if you decide to do real, please educate yourself on if the plant is poisonous. Our much loved Fiddle Leaf plant is dangerous if ingested!

Ok, back to color. I am super excited about all the 2019 color of the years, with the exception of my beloved Benjamin Moore. I am a bit disappointed that they didn't steer away from the trend of gray. Yes, even though I am down for the those beautiful grays to be splashed on the walls and even as furniture fabric, I would've like to see them select something different. Nonetheless, the one they selected is beautiful.

I put a board together for you, much like my client design boards, that shows each of the colors and different accessories that match!

So what are your thoughts on these colors? Would you use any in your home?


Until next time friends!


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