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Best Ideas For The Master Bedroom…and a Project Sneak Peek!

Master bedrooms are one of my favorite spaces to decorate because they're so personal and cozy. Somehow, these important rooms are rarely at the top of the agenda when it comes to home decorating. We pay a lot of attention to the living room, kitchen and dining room spaces, but often not as much attention to our own personal bedrooms. Why?

The bedroom is our place to feel relaxed and comfortable after a crazy day at work or out with friends and family. I'm a firm believer that our bedrooms should share something in common with our favorite hotels, where we feel cared for and pampered. Like a hotel, the linens in our bedroom should always be crisp and clean. It should smell fresh and be thoughtfully decorated. And at the end of the day, the master bedroom should transport you away from your stresses.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is full of features that make it comfortable. Rugs and carpeting, muted colors, throw pillows and throw blankets, soft chairs, favorite paintings: all of these features make the bedroom what it is - a personal, private space where you can feel like/be yourself. I'm going to walk through them one by one.

Soft, Muted Colors

I like to start by choosing a palette. Soothing colors contribute to a quiet and comfortable environment in the bedroom. I typically prefer soft creams, greens, blues and grays. These colors inspire relaxation and peaceful sleep.

There are lots of ways that you can come up with a bedroom color scheme. I have my own methods of course, but if you're feeling stuck for ideas, try selecting a fabric or a pattern (like a bedspread, wallpaper or curtain) as the basis for your palette. Deep, saturated colors work in small doses, especially when combined with a lot of lighter, softer colors. The inspiration for the palette can even come from a framed photograph. Always remember to order or paint large samples on white cardboard before choosing a final paint color.

Soft Bedding

Soft bedding and plush pillows are a must in any bedroom! You can never have too many pillows. In fact, when it comes to making up the bed, what you can see is just as important as what you can't.

I recommend buying quality bedding to remake the entire sleep experience. Don't skip opportunities to make your bed more comfortable. If you need to start by buying a new mattress, do it. Even if you don't need a whole new mattress, consider buying a new mattress pad with a fluffy top that mimics a featherbed, leaving you feeling like you're sinking happily into a cloud when you go to sleep at night.

My favorite bedding is bamboo bedding from Cozy Earth. These soft-as-silk sheets are amazing! They’re great for both cold and HOT sleepers!

Don't be afraid to buy what seems like an awful lot of pillows. Pillows create the appearance of comfort as well as the actual feeling of comfort, so you can't go wrong with extra pillows on top. I always include decorative pillows on the bed that are great when you're lounging around the bedroom, even if you take them off to sleep at night.

Seating Areas

There is nothing better than to close your door and curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee in your bedroom, so I love to include seating areas. There are lots of different ways this can be done. Whenever I can, I will put a couple chairs or even a sofa in a bedroom.

Unfortunately, not all master bedrooms have enough space for that much furniture. Window seats and benches that double as storage are a great option if you have limited space. Sometimes, I'll choose a chair with a sizable ottoman that can be moved around the room and can double as a stool.

You have to be creative about the kind of seating that you put in a bedroom, for sure, but I think it's worth it. Everyone has seating in their living room, but it's true luxury to have somewhere private where you can sit and reflect on your own.

Other Furniture

When I'm choosing other furniture for the bedroom, I look for timeless pieces that have a clean, simple design. The bedroom is a place where clutter is not welcome, so I'm also very choosy in the number and types of pieces I select. I don't want extra furnishings taking up space.


Televisions are optional, and I really only put them in the bedroom when they're a must-have for my clients. Televisions create a natural focal point because the chairs and bed need to be situated so the television can be seen. At the same time, TVs aren't the most attractive feature. I would rather choose some attractive art or a piece of furniture that makes a statement.


The bedroom is the perfect place to mix and match textures, so whenever I'm choosing materials, I pay close attention to the textures in the room. I like to combine soft carpeting, crocheted fabrics, lightly textured upholstery and crisp sheets and blankets. I like to think this combination creates an experience that encourages the homeowner to lounge on the various surfaces and enjoy a relaxing, comforting tactile experience.

Let's See This In Practice

My latest design is for a sweet couple that I know personally. Their master bedroom was one of the last design projects in their home. They love to travel, especially to London. They went to London for their honeymoon, and it's still one of their favorite places to visit. I was inspired to give them a room that reflects their love of art and appreciation for the finer things.

The room is primarily gray combined with some softer, earthier tones like green and brown. I selected two types of wallpaper, including a textured cream grasscloth for the seating area and dormers, and an English-style wallpaper. The English-style wallpaper is actually the basis of the entire design - remember how I said you can choose a fabric or a wallpaper to inspire your palette? I used that trick myself!

If you look at these pictures, you can see I added some other patterns, textures and lighting to make this master bedroom feel so cozy and relaxing.

A few things I'd love to point out: the white leather couch with nailhead trim has a very subtle texture that really combines nicely with the carpet and nearby bedding. On the chairs in the seating area, you can see I included knitted pillows made from thick, oversized yarn - they're so soft.

I really fell in love with a rusty warm brown which you can see appears in a few places in the room, including in the framed art on the walls, on the blanket at the end of the bed, and in the ottoman. This color is linked to the rich, dark brown in the night stands and also linked to the gold that appears in the sconce lights.

Overall, I tried to make this room a place where the couple that lives here can relax. A few years back I wrote a post about my own master bedroom update at my old house. You can read about it here (I still miss that barn door 😭).

Need Help with your master bedroom retreat?

The master bedroom design can be tricky. Want some help? Reach out by completing the contact form to make your bedroom a place where you can truly kick back. I've got lots of ideas for master bedroom designs and layouts, and I love to help families express themselves through interior design. Call today to get started.

Until next time,

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