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Master Bedroom Retreat Makeover!

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Isn't it funny how our own spaces get the least amount of attention? When did it become ok to let our master bedroom be the LAST room to complete when renovating a house? It should be the first considering this is where we unwind from our crazy, stress filled days, yet, a majority of us make it our last priority....why?

After closing on our house almost 7 years ago we quickly got to work stripping the walls of wallpaper and painting over the dark colors that encompassed each room (before pictures to come in a bit). We made sure the nursery was set up exactly as it was in our other home so the baby would adjust well to his new environment-the things we worry about as first time parents huh?! Mind you, my first born was the most easy going baby EVER!

As the years passed, we made the necessary changes to satisfy our ever changing style, but the one place that always got left behind was our master. We kept TALKING about what we wanted to make it but we could never find the time since other matters needed our attending to. Until one Saturday....

Here is a before picture of what the color was when we closed. I believe it was the darkest green the previous owners could find before heading into black territory:

Of course I have NO before pictures!

This is actually a "before" picture for when we decided it was time to take care of OUR space (like our pillow collection?! haha)

Pretty much everything needed to be changed. The "cream" color we selected 7 years ago was becoming more yellow in its old age and we wanted something serene and bright! We love the "modern farmhouse" style but also did not want the normal look of shiplap (so sorry JoJo).

So off to Lowe's we went and literally an hour later walked out with grey stained wall-planks and two gallons of white paint that we selected off a chip! Now if my client's could jump in right now they'd say I just broke my own rules-Yep I did and lucky for me the color came out better than I imagined! We selected SW Oxford White. As always, it's not a true white, but has a tiny tiny hint of blue to it. It is incredibly subtle though and works great with the other colors.

Next, we cut up the wood to create different lengths and that was it! Just nail it up and you got yourself a DIY headboard!

Oh did I mention that we were using part of our Potterybarn desk as side tables?! I just couldn't decide on side tables, or bedding for that matter! So it stayed like this for a little bit. I also needed lamps and I had a vision of gold lamps and I simply would not settle for anything else!

And then one with every other project that I do, it all fell into place. I had finally found lamps at HomeGoods that seriously had the overhead light beaming right on them! Bedding, pillows and decor ideas just popped up and then side tables!! The funny thing is, the side tables were sitting in my basement storage collecting dust! And what is a room without some faux fur in it haha!

This space has truly transformed and we couldn't be happier! As I always say, it doesn't take much to change a room. Paint refreshes not only the walls but your senses, every color will make you feel a different way. Don't be afraid to pick a color you wouldn't normally select as we did for our barn door. After years of being stained brown, we wanted to add a bolder color to balance out all the neutrals we had!

We went with BM Gentlemen's Gray after I saw it on an Instagram feed I love. Once this was painted it really brought our entire room together.

We all know how much I love to budget shop! So for all my valued readers I have selected similar items from Wayfair that will give your master bedroom the update it deserves! Click HERE to see all the goodies that you can shop! Go ahead you know you want to!

Seriously though, with everything in life being so crazy, you need to remember to take care of you! We seem to think that the only time we deserve to relax is when we are on vacation. That should not be the case. Your bedroom is your space, your quiet time area, your meditating spot, your yoga studio, or whatever it is that brings you peace.

Until next time friends,


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