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Why Not Love Your Home?

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

(Erin McLaughlin EIC, Style at Home)

I had a whole bunch of ideas in my head when I first decided to write a blog. I wanted to jump right in and "advise" you all about what colors work with what, how to get those magazine looks for your own home and what size rug is appropriate for different sized rooms (which if you see my Instagram I may have broken a rule-whoops). BUT after writing the "how" my business began, I felt I should write the "why" I am writing this blog now. I always wonder: why do our houses fall on the back burner with decorating? Is it budget? Is it that you don't have any time after long days of working and/or kids? How long have you been staring at those pictures you want to hang, or wall color you want to change?

As I said in my first blog post, our homes are our sanctuaries, our retreats. It's where we gather every night after long, crazy days to unwind and relax. It's where we host our friends and family. Most importantly, it's where we put on display our personal style, our vibe, our treasures. There is no other place we can truly be ourselves than our homes so this is why our homes should be the FIRST place we take care of.

That, my friends, is the reason for my blog journey. I want to empower you to pick up that hammer and create your own gallery wall of all those awesome pictures you have sitting there collecting dust. I promise after this, I will get into different tips of decorating your home and creating a home that reflects your personalities. And my moms out there- you CAN have a home where the kids can have all their toys at their disposal AND where you can feel like they are not overrunning every inch of the house. There are so many wonderful kid-friendly furniture options out there! (Can you spot them below?)

Until next time friends,


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