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Why are there plants in all of my designs?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Now there's a question I don't ever ask myself 😆. I never think about whether or not to add plants when designing anymore, I just do. There are so many things that go into a well thought out design and plants are always on my must have list.

Here's a few reasons why:

  1. They're pretty. Whether faux or real, plants liven up any space. Any type of flowers or greenery are the perfect accessory to add life throughout your home. When purchasing faux I make sure its as real looking as possible. That fake plastic look just won't fly with me. Yes we can say I'm a fake plant snob 😂. But in the above picture, can you tell which ones are real or fake?

  2. They're good for you. Not to ingest and PLEASE if you have little kids and/or pets, I would recommend faux because certain plants can be toxic to them if eaten. Plants are good for the soul. I mean it! Studies have shown that plants can lower stress levels and brighten your mood. We definitely need more of that these days!

  3. Not only do they boost your mood but can improve concentration, productivity and creativity! I know just rearranging or styling around my plants (both real and faux) makes me feel more creative!

  4. They're green. Not just literally 😂. They're great for indoor air quality. Let's think about this one. Leaves on trees outside absorb carbon dioxide which protects our ozone and atmosphere (which is another reason why we need to stop unnecessary or illegal logging-BUT we're going to save that for another post). I just learned in my sustainability course that our indoor air is 5x more polluted than outside-CRAZY! Bring in some of those loving plants to absorb carbon and release oxygen and humidity in your home? That's better for our health too!

  5. They give privacy and reduce noise levels. I'm not just talking about inside here either. How many of you have planted trees or arborvitae trees around your property to increase your privacy and block out surrounding noises? Try some inside like a nursery where we know it needs to be quiet so those babies sleep!


If you are on the market for some new greenery for your home and don't want to venture out to your local nursery, here are a few places I go for my greenery, faux or real:

Michaels or any craft stores. I could spend hours in my local Michaels store (and I have haha) looking for the perfect items to create individualized pieces for my clients. You can also shop online with them too.

Faux Greenery Bouquet- photo by Julie Wilk This place is my go to recently for faux flowers or greenery! I love how real everything looks but they also offer live plants. Vases and accessories are available too so it's one stop shopping!

Harddy Succulents- If you have followed me for a while you already know my thumb is less than green. I have tried numerous times with plants that they claim are easy to take care of but having two toddlers, a business and a home I felt that I just did not understand enough to make sure I did my part in keeping these plants alive. So I gave up until I found Harddy Succulents. Succulents require minimal care depending on which one you have so I thought I'd try my hand with some and I am so glad I did! I love talking to them and the boys have 4 little ones of their own to take care of. Harddy has been so insightful and willing to answer all the questions I have. By the way, these cuties are the real plants in the very first photo 😉

Here's their happy home on our shelves!

Shelf Styling


In these times we need all the happiness and positivity we can get so go grab some plants and let the good vibes come in!

Stay tuned for some upcoming project updates! Yes each project got pushed back majorly but slowly and surely things are beginning again. You can follow along with both my client and personal projects in Facebook or Instagram!

Until next time friends,


*Beginning a project and need help? From consultations to full service residential design, I can help you create your dream home! Click here for services!



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