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The start of something beautiful....

Welcome to BDesign'D (pronounced Be Designed) friends! Before I get started on all the wonderful design topics I want to share with you, I thought I would give you a little info on how my company started! Growing up my sisters and I (well actually just my older sister and I as my younger one is NOT one for change haha) would always redecorate our rooms. Whether it was painting, different accessories or just rearranging the furniture, this gave us a chance to bring new life into our spaces.

Flash forward *ahem* years and being a stay at home mom found me wanting to create spaces that my children could play in all the while having it still reflect that actual adults live here. How many parents are overwhelmed with the amount of toys, blankets, stuffed animals, jumpers and walkers that end up in our spaces once our little bundles of joy arrive?! I wanted to have a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere in my home that allowed me to combine both child-friendly and our own design styles. While doing this, I decided that I wanted to help other families fuse together all the aspects of decorating to help them achieve this same goal.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, our retreats and should be decorated to fit our lifestyle. Be proud of your home and love where you live!

I hope you stay for the journey and enjoy the ride!




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