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The Role of the Kitchen...

Hello and happy Fall! What a year this has been! I went from sending out a post once a month to barely making it every quarter but there's good reason. Business has been booming as many more people are investing in their homes still. I could not feel more blessed and honored to be the one that my clients have chosen to guide them along the way. Some projects this year have included home offices, family rooms, bedrooms and most of all Kitchens! I am right in the midst of two complete rebuilds, two new builds and not to mention my own cottage renovation. You can see what we are doing here . (that includes a home project checklist too!) It is a very busy and exciting time indeed!!

I wanted to do a quick post about kitchens. Being more involved with the construction and design side of kitchen layouts this last year and a half made me learn and see a whole new level of what goes into kitchen design. It looks like just cabinets, counters and appliances all put into a pretty place but it is so much more than that. When it comes to kitchen function, you want to make sure it's not only up to code but that it works for you and your family. With each kitchen renovation there are some standard questions I ask before beginning a design:

*What is the daily use of the kitchen? Do you entertain a lot or cook large meals on a daily basis?

*Are there any special needs in the household? There are different standards for accessibility design that need to be met.

*What appliances are an absolute must? In the kitchen shown my client desired a large built in coffee maker that needed to be worked into the design to make sure it all fit. (see below)

*How many main cooks are there? If there are 2 or more this could effect workflow area sizes.

*Making storage work for you no matter what the size of the kitchen is. Pullout shelving, soft close doors, functional lazy susans (I know we all hate when that space goes unused!) Spice racks or open shelves-there are countless ways to make sure every part of the kitchen is helping you!

U Shaped Kitchens are great for cooking and entertaining!

Not to say remodeling or starting a kitchen from scratch is all boring codes. Once the layout is designed and approved, the fun begins with selecting the finishes. Kitchens these days are definitely becoming more bold and exciting. I am always a fan of the classic white kitchen but I have to add something that stands out! This custom hood and accent tile were perfect in my clients kitchen and we matched built in benches in the eat in area to balance out the green.

Eat in kitchen with custom bench seating

My client loves to entertain so having enough places to sit and gather was a must!

The kitchen is the center of the home. It is the place we create memories of cooking, baking, stories with family and friends, laughter, sadness and hard times. Life has so many moments that we share in our kitchen so shouldn't it be one that checks all the boxes off? I am so thrilled about the upcoming kitchen projects that are going to be happening in the next several months. I love experiencing the excitement of it all right alongside my clients. You follow along on these and other project journeys on either Instagram or Facebook I'd be so happy to have you!

Some updates:

*I recently partnered up with Side Door, a trade vendor site, to bring you collections of furniture and accessories that I personally would use in any client project. These are collections of designer trade vendors and now you are able to access them directly through these collections! I will be updated and adding more every month and sending the collections out exclusively to you first! This is great for when you want to update some items in your home but don't need a full design. Go ahead and take a look here and get inspired!

*I am booked for the rest of the year but it is never too early to have an open discussion on any project you are thinking of for 2022! Please email me or book a discovery call online to get a head start on your home projects.

* All beautiful photos taken by Linda Pordon Photography

Thank you again!


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