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The Inside Scoop of Interior Design

Happy August! Where did the summer go?! In 3 short weeks my kids will be back in school and all the planning I have made in regards to my business will be officially underway! A little back story to that, when I began my business in 2016 I wanted to have enough experience, a portfolio, relationships with both trade and retail vendors and enough confidence in what I can offer to my clients all by the time my youngest was to start Kindergarten. Well folks, that time has arrived!

Guys, I could not be more fortunate for this career path I am on, especially since I am late to the game. I did not go to school for Interior Design in college nor did I ever think I’d be working for myself but once I sheepishly started out I could not stop learning about everything interiors. I became Certified in both Interior Decorating and Color, taught myself numerous computer programs to bring my clients both 2D and 3D visions and have built numerous relationships within this industry. With each step I fall more in love with this world and to bring this knowledge into creating your dream home feels incredible.


Which brings me to the reason for this blog post. I think there is a lot of misconception and intimidation when it comes to even thinking of hiring an Interior Decorator or Designer. There is a difference which I talk about on this radio show here, I think since a lot of people don't understand what actually goes into designing a home or even a single room I'll let you in on a little secret.... it is not "shopping". Designing is not making quick decisions (however with unexpected issues quick judgment calls may be necessary). It is not scrolling online or any retail store for hours on end to give you the exact replica of a room. Interior designing, decorating or styling is about personal connection with our clients, learning their backstory and what is important to them. Connecting colors with mood inspirations, selecting fabrics and textiles that match the family's lifestyle and sourcing sustainable furniture and accessories that are manufactured with YOU in mind. Not one family is like the other so even if the build is similar why should you have a home that's exactly the same as any other? Designing is about creating a unique and beautiful home that you never want to leave unless you absolutely have to.


Fabric board

I had a client reach out to me with a question about hardware for cabinets. We are working on other aspects within her home but she asked me about the size of hardware that should be selected. I said that the doors and drawers will need to be measured and it depends on the style we go for and she said "I didn't think it would be this involved". Yes, it is all involved. Every selection that is made effects the next. It's not just paint and fabric, the floors, tile, lighting fixtures, faucets etc ALL effect the design of the room. Can anyone put a room together? Of course! But if you are one that cannot vision the potential or is feeling overwhelmed with decisions that come across while redesigning (or doing a new build), why NOT hire a professional? It saves you money AND time worrying in the end!


Understanding what goes into making your home exactly what you want it to be is a great starting point. I think once the stigma of Interior Decorators or Designers is erased, it can begin one of the most beautiful things you could do for your home. Really, some of my best relationships are with my clients!


I have added to and simplified my services to make sure everyone can have their dream home. Do you know what you want but don't know where to begin? I can help with that with an In-Home Consultation. Do you know what you want but are feeling overwhelmed or don't have the time to make the big decisions on furniture and accessories? I can help with that with my design consultation service. (I have two separate ones now). Are you doing a new build or a complete renovation? I can help with that as well with my Residential Full Service Design.

On our home front, things are coming along and almost 2 months in it has finally started to feel like "home". Stay tuned for some updated client project pictures that will be shot in September, some fall decorating tips AND the reveal of my son's bunk bed furniture!

Enjoy these last days of summer!


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