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Why hiring a designer is good for your renovations, and sanity!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Ah, renovations. When we hear that word I'm sure HGTV pops right into your head with either Chip Gaines ripping down a wall or Flip or Flop's gut renovations. To be honest, HGTV pretty much only has full blown renovations on these days and it can be a good and bad thing. I'll explain why..


When HGTV first began, I recall watching it and saying to myself, we can totally do that with this room or yes that project won't take that long! I would then convince the hubby of said project and we'd go to Lowes, grab the supplies we thought we needed and then once the project would begin we would quickly say-WTF (pardon my language but it's true). Not that we aren't handy, which I am so grateful my husband is, BUT without the right tools, a project can become overwhelming and frustrating and make you want to stop. Fast forward a few years and after having done even the smallest renovations for clients, the most common misjudgment that is made is that every project is as simple as it looks on HGTV. Don't get me wrong, I love HGTV just as much as the next person. It provides much inspiration to get you even thinking of your next project, but if you don't properly plan, it can go downhill quickly.


So how do you get from this...

To this without pulling your hair out?

A couple of things-a great contractor, a thought out plan about budget AND time line, and a designer. Now I know you're probably thinking-well of course you will say that Maria since you are a designer-but I know that all these things combined will not only save you time and worry, but it will also save your marriage 😂. Seriously- AND on top of it all, it will save you money. Money spent on mistakes with even what is considered a small part, like paint. Everyone who has ever painted anything knows it looks completely different on a larger scale than it does on that teeny, tiny chip. Money spent on hardware that isn't the right style or lighting fixtures that aren't the correct size. Money spent on furniture that once in your home doesn't look quite right with everything put together.


You may know exactly what you want your outcome to be but the steps to get there have you overwhelmed. You have so many pins on your Pinterest board but envisioning it in your own space is hard for you. Crown molding, trim, lighting fixtures and hardware make your head hurt just thinking about it. And seriously, can the color of grout really change how the backsplash, flooring or shower look?! These are all the details a designer can help you with.


One of the best services I offer my clients is that I create 3D Designs. I cannot stress how beneficial this is for those who cannot envision what their end result will be like. For the Hills Home basement renovation, in the first meeting my clients stated that they knew what they wanted but just could not connect the dots with the end result. And you can see why...

We were dealing with not just a few poles but 14 of them, open walls, no flooring and literally a blank slate. They had a list of requirements and a contractor, but I was hired to create that end vision for them. A 3D design was the best way I could articulate what I had in mind not only for them but the contractor as well. Seeing the walls, layout and even the door style helped all parties involved and minimized any confusion or miscommunication that can arise.


The 3D designs that I provide for my clients are also a great way to see the materials, furniture and accessories I source. In the above designs, that is the wall texture we used for the kitchen, flooring, lighting, area rug and general color of the furniture. It really is the closest thing to the finished product! Once this was presented, it made my clients feel more at ease and excited, instead of overwhelmed.

Here are some other 3D designs with the final product:


If you have a project that you are beginning or even considering in 2020, now is the time to begin planning. It is never too early to set up your guidelines and it's never too late to hire a designer.


Until next time friends!


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