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How Styling Effects The Room...

Hello my fellow BDesigner's! This week I wanted to take a step into the wonderful world of styling. If you follow me on Instagram you have had the pleasure (or not haha) of seeing all the different ways I "style" not only my own home, but my clients. I know you may really be thinking "oh come on, no one lives with their house styled all the time! My kids would destroy that in a heartbeat!" Yes, as this image above is not how my coffee table looks currently- there may be a train or two on it haha- I do find it uplifting to have certain areas styled all the time. By styled, I don't mean magazine type styling, but just decorated to showcase what is important in your life surrounded by inanimate objects that accent them. Here are different ways you can style your home:

Throw Pillows and Blankets!

I am the first to admit I am a throw pillow hoarder and the hubby can contest to that! In my Facebook group, BDesign'D Home, I began a Q&A Forum where group members can ask me any basic decorating question. One member asked about what pillow sizes are acceptable to a sofa. This got me thinking, and inspired me to write this, because in my decorating world there is never a "set" size that you should put on the sofa. I wouldn't recommend the largest pillow you can find for a smaller sofa but you best believe I would say load that baby up with smaller pillows! For the standard sofa I would say two 20x20 or a little larger and two 18x18 for the ends. Larger sofas you can bump those sizes up a notch. If you're in the mood to dress it up, add a lumbar pillow! Just make sure if you want to keep these on at all times you still have enough room to sit comfortably! There is always room for that throw blanket for added comfort!

Books, Candles and Vases... Oh My!

And again you can never have too many! Books, candles and vases are the perfect additives to shelf styling! Have you also seen that dishes are the latest craze to decorate with? I also love that trays, baskets and even placemats that can be placed in a gallery wall for added texture in any room. Below are shelves that I styled for a client last summer. You can see the rest of the room here. I took what the family enjoys with hobbies and their culture and combined it with your every day objects to bring it all together.

Greenery and LOTS of it!

Now if you're like me, live plants are not your thing, but that does not mean you would be left out of the greenery party! There's a reason why Spring and Summer are such beautiful seasons- all the flowers and GREEN around us naturally uplifts our spirits! At least it does for me haha. My clients can guarantee I will be adding faux flowers or a tree somewhere in their design.

Another reason why I suggest it, is because I like to keep my designs neutral with the larger furniture, leaving the accent colors to smaller accessories including flowers and greenery. Having the furniture pieces neutral gives us a lot more play around room with colors, patterns and textures.

There are so many reasons to style your home the way you want to. It not only gives you all the comfort you should have in your home, but your guests will feel that as well. Did you ever wonder what the first thing is that guests notice when walking into your home? One member of BDesign'D Home stated she looks to feel like it is lived in. By displaying our pictures, treasures and whatever else is important to you shows others right away what makes our house a home.

Until next time friends!


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