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Fall-ing Over Decor

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

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Fall Tablescape

Hey everyone! Where did the summer go?! I blinked the last day of school and opened my eyes to the first day of school again! This summer went by too fast but I am NOT complaining because Fall is my season! Cooler temperatures, fires outside (without sweating), warm apple cider with caramel apples and my absolute favorite-jeans, sweaters and boots! Another thing fall brings is the beginning of the holiday season- *gasp* did I just say that?!- and that means spending more time with family and friends!

Let's get real though because besides Christmas, I love decorating for Fall! Against my neutral colored home, the pops of oranges, greens and yellows add the perfect amount of color!

And don't get me started on pumpkins! Anyone who visits Michaels or Hobby Lobby during this season is sure to see why it's so easy to hoard pumpkins. I definitely went overboard with them last year but they were so hard to resist! The fabric ones are my favorite since they added different patterns and texture to the otherwise "boring" pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch

This year I will definitely scale back on the amount of pumpkins I have displayed and may stay a bit more neutral but that is what I love about the decorating process. I have changed my home accessories so many times I have lost count! The fun thing is creating a new accessory that reflects my style at that point, because lets face it, our styles may change over time! I bring this creativity to my client projects as well. You can see some examples here. When putting together the finishing touches for my client's homes instead of just purchasing a faux flower arrangement, I will go visit my favorite craft stores and put them together myself. I feel like it gives each client that personal touch while showing them how grateful I am to have been able to provide them with a home that they love!

So how will you be decorating your home for fall??

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