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Classic or Trend?

Hello my BDesignd'ers!! First I want to say a big welcome and thank you to all my new subscribers! You guys, I would not be able to grow and continue on my business ventures without your support!

When I started this blog I did have the intention of writing at least once a week, and then reality hit. Trying to be supermom AND run a business had me pushing this blog to the back burner. But that does not mean I have any intention of letting it slip away!

Which brings me to a topic I get questioned on almost daily-going with the trend or staying classic. When I say "classic", some may think I mean "old", but that is not the case. Classic is something that will never go out of style. It's simple, versatile and can sway with whatever design style you prefer. Take the leather chair for example. I have yet to see a leather chair that does not fit anywhere at any time period. Leather warms a seating area and brings comfort every time.

Seating area

When selecting larger pieces of furniture for my clients, I always advise going neutral. By that I mean a fabric that in 10 years you are not cringing at and wondering why you selected it in the first place. Trends come and go and you can clearly tell when someone decorates with a trend. Golds, oranges and browns scream the 70s and early 80s. Beige and pinks yell 90s and well, we all know what trend we are still in, the gray trend! That's not to say we should ignore whats trending because our homes are a reflection of us, which is where these trends come from. Just like our clothing style, our homes should be decorated with what makes us comfortable and relaxed. It's funny because when I go clothes shopping I set out to go out of my "style" and select something crazy colorful or patterned. These are usually the clothes that I'll wear once and they slide to the back of my closet filled with neutral, lacy shirts. My go-to outfit is a pair of relaxed jeans and a white tank top. I call it my uniform haha. I do however, accessorize with rings and earrings and the occasional necklace.

Living Room

My point is, trends are fun! They're beautiful and exciting but we easily can become obsessed with them. Once Joanna Gaines brought shiplap into our homes, how many people have gone on a shiplap bender?! I have seen houses that literally everything is shiplapped! What are these poor people going to do when they are tired of seeing it in every square inch of their homes?! Don't get me wrong, I love shiplap but as an accent. Accents, or accessories, are what brings the style of the room to life! Think about it-the spring and summer some people are all about the blush pinks and soft blues but then come the fall and winter, the yellows, oranges, reds and greens come out. Isn't it easier to switch out pillows and drapes than a sofa and chair?! This living room above is one I just completed. The walls are a beautiful blue-gray and notice how I selected neutral sofas and accent chairs that even though they are striped, they are not overbearing on the design. The accessories bring in the blues, yellows and greens that make this color palette come together. Switching out the drapes, pillows and even the rug can transform this room instantly.

In the master bedroom, we decided to bring more earth toned colors into play but keep the larger pieces neutral. Again, switching out the accessories can change the look of this room drastically.

I attended a design tour about a month ago where Nancy Fire, the design director of HGTV, spoke in regards to some trends they are seeing. Here is a short recap of what she said:

Trend #1- "Global Canvas": this includes color, textures, oversized scale and geometric patterns becoming part of your every day.

Trend #2-"Mixology": this is mixing and matching patterns that are acceptable. You fuse all the things you love together to reflect your sense of style.

Trend #3-"Slow Living": this is nature & nurture, simplicity, natural textures, neutral colors where the accessories tell a story.

Which trend do you relate the most too? What's the story you want your home to tell?

Playing with different trends against a classic background, in my opinion, is the way to go when designing a room. What's trending now is completely different than what was trending a year or two ago. Colors are making a comeback and they are gorgeous! Blues, greens, yellows, oranges oh my! Have fun with them-accessorize with them! You can always switch it out next season ;)

Until next time friends,


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