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A Design Consultation Reveal!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Hi everyone! Instead of speaking about colors, home decor and trends I thought I'd switch it to a more specific topic: E-Designs.

Some of you may be asking yourself what is that exactly and it's really a way to have your space designed by a designer all through email. To break it down, you complete a questionnaire about your style preference, likes, dislikes, room measurements and send pictures. What you get in return is one or two ways you can style your room along with furnishings and accessories you can purchase on your own time.

If you were to google E-Design services you will get pages and pages of companies that offer e-design services. The prices can range from starting at $59 a room upwards. As a small based interior decorator, it is hard to compete with the big boys in this department but I do and this is why: People are busy OR they want to put it together themselves but just need that outside inspiration to pull it all together. I love to help others decorate their home so of course this is a service I would offer!

One of the aspects I add to just a basic E-Design that you can find anywhere, is offering an in-home consultation. People do not realize how important this hour to 2 hours is to designers and decorators. This gives us a chance to see in person your home, your style and to get to know a little bit about you. It is a chance for us to see if there is anything else in the house that will work in the space being designed. It is so important for me to get the overall feel of your home so I can determine exactly what is needed and even view the other rooms around the home. I also take pictures and take my own measurements because even a few inches off can make a big impact in what will fit.

I had the pleasure of seeing one of my Design Consultation projects completed a week ago and it is just as exciting seeing the end result here as it is had I done it all myself! This was for a family of 4 that just needed a slight update in their living room. With two little boys running around, I wanted to give the family an area that was both kid and adult friendly! Changing the paint color and adding in some splash of color this room is one they can all relax in. Storage side tables (all equipped with charging stations yes!) and coffee tables are a must for a family with little ones haha. Here are the before and after pictures!

Spring will be here before you know it and we all know that once those temps rise our home project list grows! It is the perfect time to freshen up your home!

For other services that I offer and a peek at some past projects visit my website I finally got around to adding an "About Me" page! Go check it out!

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