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Accent Walls..Love them or leave them?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hey everyone! We are finally getting into our own home projects and here’s the first glimpse at our master bedroom wall! Coming from a house where we were constantly doing projects, we were really happy to take this first year off BUT now we are back to making a few changes of our own. I absolutely LOVE how this wall came out. My neutral loving heart has been craving more color these days and Benjamin Moore Gravel Gray is perfect here. Sometimes it looks like a deep, rich gray and others it reflects a dark blue. I have always wanted our master to feel like a hotel room of one of our favorite hotels and this brings us closer.


So let’s discuss accent walls. I read somewhere that it’s a trend that could quickly make a room look dated. I have to disagree for this reason only- if you love it why can’t you have it? Especially these days when our homes NEED to make us relaxed and happy, am I right?! Designing a home isn’t about replicating what someone else has, it’s about taking your style, your story and translating it to be shown throughout your home. We all remember being a teenager and FINALLY having the go ahead of making our rooms the way we wanted them instead of how our parents wanted them. This gave us a space to paint the walls whatever color we chose, have our furniture whichever way we liked and hang those posters of New Kids on the Block along with Def Leopard (talk about mixing styles!) Yes that last part gave away my age😆


Accent walls don’t have to accent WALLS. Think of an open concept floor, or a basement layout. With open concept homes, one of the biggest challenges is where to stop and start the paint. What if you wanted a different color in your living room from your kitchen but there was no definite separation? One way to break up the walls is with accent shelving or large pieces of furniture. That way, even though the paint color is the same, those pieces bring in different colors and texture.

Another way to create an accent wall is with trim or a gallery wall. Trim work really is the easiest way to get creative on the walls. Especially in those two story foyers and family rooms where you just cannot do anything else that high! Do not be intimidated about gallery walls- if you missed why you can read it here

A different way to add character to your walls is with either wallpaper (which these days is a far cry from the 1970s wallpaper. You can even do wall decals that don’t ruin the paint when taken off) or wall texture like below. we are in the midst of making come changes to our basement and I selected a different wall texture to put up behind our tv. I can’t wait!

Accent walls are, in my opinion, a great way to bring different elements in an area without changing the entire space. Can an accent wall go bad? Absolutely. Can a room be painted that deep moody color you loved so much? Yes! I mean I’m still trying to get the hubby to paint the rest of the room BM Gravel Gray BUT I know it’s going to change the overall feel of it and I’m not so sure I wouldn’t want my white walls back in a year. It’s a lot easier painting one wall than four!


Whether you love accent walls or just skip all the hoopla over them, make your home the way YOU want it, not what‘s trendy. Keep it inspiring, relaxing and most importantly a reflection of you.



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I hope you continue to stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of your summer! Reach out if you have any topics you'd like me to cover in the blog!

Until next time,


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