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Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Master Retreat

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

It's true. I do NOT have the master bathroom of my dreams...yet.

But that is not stopping me from writing this post because after being in the business almost 8 years now, the master bathroom is one of my top requests to help with. From design ideas, color selections, to full blown gut renovations (always my favorite), I have seen it all. I have previously discussed how to make a statement with your Powder Room in this post and even though they are both bathrooms, the master bathroom requires a bit more attention to the smallest details.

The most important thing to first consider is function. I can't tell you how many bathrooms I have walked into with the oversized jacuzzi bathtub taking up more than half of the bathroom only to leave a teensy, tiny stand up shower. Obviously the person who designed these standard layouts did not have to shave his legs 🙈😆

The design of the master bathroom should consider accessibility, ensuring that the bathroom is safe and easy to use for all members of the household, or when you are considering aging in place. This may involve features like grab bars, non-slip flooring, and walk-in showers. In cases where the master bathroom is shared by a couple, the design should accommodate dual functionality. This may include double sinks, separate storage spaces, and features that cater to the preferences of both individuals. It is incredibly important to have a master bathroom that will be able to function for you for years to come. Then comes the fun part - making it luxurious.

I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a master bathroom that feels like they've stepped into a hotel. I don't care how small or large the bathroom is, any size can feel luxurious.

One of the first selections that should be completed is the shower and floor tile. These dictate where the rest of the design can go. If you plan to have patterned tile select that first and along side pair it with a more neutral tile to have it stand out more. In the bathroom above, I wanted the floor to resemble one in a hotel so I selected two complementing tiles to create the design and continued the white tile on the walls and shower surround. The open glass sliding door allows the beautiful tile to be seen from all angles.

Once the tile is selected the next important factor is storage. There are some great vanities to purchase directly online if you have the exact measurements of what is standard (30", 36", 48", 60" etc) but if you are looking for a specific size and have different storage needs that require more than drawers and doors it is always a good idea to invest in custom-made cabinets with high-end finishes to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. Also keep in mind storage for the shower. Do you want a niche, mounted shelves or under bench cubbies? If you're looking to do a niche, that needs to be decided before the shower walls are done so the contractor can put the cutout in

There are smaller details that can make the bathroom feel really luxurious and could be things that you don't even think about until after the fact:

Soaking Tubs and Jacuzzis for Ultimate Relaxation:

Make a statement with a freestanding soaking tub or Jacuzzi. These additions serve as focal points and offer a spa-like experience.

Spa-Worthy Showers with Multi-Functional Features:

Upgrade your shower with multiple shower heads, body jets, and built-in benches. A spacious, glass-enclosed shower adds modern luxury.

Heated Floors for Comfort and Elegance:

Radiant floor heating adds a touch of luxury and ensures a comfortable experience, especially during colder months. No one likes to step out onto a cold floor

Elegant Lighting to Set the Mood:

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a luxurious ambiance. Opt for stylish and functional fixtures—ambient, task, and accent lighting can be combined for a sophisticated effect.

Mirror Magic and Vanity Elegance:

Select a stylish vanity and mirror combination that complements the overall theme. Framed or backlit mirrors add glamour.

Luxurious Textures for Sensory Pleasure:

Introduce plush towels, bathrobes, and rugs for a tactile and luxurious atmosphere. Textured elements enhance the sensory experience. You know the hotel bathrooms are always a hit, why not have one at home😆

Neutral Color Palette for Timeless Elegance:

Stick to a neutral color palette with subtle pops of color. Whites, creams, and soft tones create a timeless and elegant look. That does NOT always mean marble. Porcelain has a lot of varying looks that resemble marble that bring elegance to the bathroom. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color too! Roman shades or walls behind the vanity give you ample opportunity to add in some bold patterns and colors.

Smart Technology Integration for Modern Comfort:

There are so many cool gadgets on the market that if you want to splurge, this is the place! Embrace modern comforts with smart technology. Smart mirrors, heated towel racks, or a built-in sound system add contemporary convenience.

Complementing your Master Bathroom transformation, I've crafted an in-depth renovation guide for you. It goes even further into details and includes project organizing worksheets, ensuring you stay on track and have all the essential information conveniently in one place!

Ultimately, the judgment of whether your bathroom exudes luxury and fulfills your functional needs rests solely with you. Armed with these suggestions, you're on the path to converting your master bathroom into a sumptuous retreat. Embrace the nuances, infuse your personal touch into the space, and craft a sanctuary that offers a daily reprieve into opulence. Your ideal bathroom is within reach—just a few considerate touches away!

Until next time,



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