Let's Think Spring.....

And some other changes that are happening!

Hello everyone! Happy last day of February. March can always tease us with the ups and downs of temperatures and with the amount of snow we've already had here in New Jersey, I am hoping she goes out like a lamb and NOT like a lion! I noticed this morning that my trees are forming tiny buds and we have even seen more birds and bunnies, which means that Spring is almost here! I feel like the years are coming and going more quickly so I have been trying not to rush each season, however, I am more than ready to say goodbye to winter! So, what's going on here you ask??

There have been some changes at BDesign'D...

With some even bigger ones in store for this year, that I cannot wait to share with you guys! For starters, I have opened up a shop for you all! This I am really excited about because I get so many questions about where I source my items from and now I am sharing some of my favorites with you! I rolled this out last week and it's already been a favorite on my site. It's super easy and I will be aiming to put together new collections each week. My Woods and Whites Living Room Collection is already live and I am giving YOU an advanced peek on my Outdoor Living Space Collection. I promise the snow will melt soon enough and we will be looking to get our decks, patios, pools and fire pit areas ready before we know it! All the furniture and accessories you see on the board above (with the exception of the drapes and flowers😆) are included with SO MUCH MORE! I may have to break it up into more than one board! Click here or the board image to go check it out!

Some other changes.....

I refined my services that I offer in a way to better serve your projects with focusing on full room redesigns and renovations. I have had many inquiries regarding just paint colors or accessories and I always advise that even a small change has a ripple effect on the space. When designing a room, I treat each project as a blank slate to show the potential the room has. I have found that this is a more efficient way to help my clients then changing just one thing at a time.

I have also decided to become a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer! I have enjoyed helping my clients select the finishes for their kitchen and baths however, this next step of being certified furthers my knowledge of what really goes into the most important rooms of our homes. When I designed the layout for my latest kitchen project, I felt more exhilarated being involved from step 1. See below for the before and after! There will be a follow up post with more shots from this full house renovation.

Last but not least....

There are going to be some improvements at my own home this spring and summer. We are going to be expanding our garden, which is ironic since I can only keep succulents alive😆. We had a great time with our starter garden last year though and this spring we're going to try our hand at some "real" gardening! I can't wait 👩🏻‍🌾

At the end of the day, I wish I could help everyone with their home projects and I am working on a way that I can. I feel what I am planning to do will benefit you with getting your home project started, whether you are doing small changes to a room or decided to gut your bathroom. That's all I'm going to say for now but I will be dropping more hints along the way 😉 Here's hint #1

Until next time,


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