Here's to another year🥂

Sitting here reflecting on what I was hoping for 2020, I think it's safe to say that it did not turn out the way any of us thought. There has been enough talk of the bad side so let's focus only on the good that came of it. The strength of the human heart, the closeness of family and friends, and the stability of HOME.

I'm not sure if I was more in tune with what was happening all around us, but I love how so many communities stepped up to make someone else's life a little brighter or easier, even if it was for a day. I love seeing the Healthcare Hero signs and in all groups people donating time, clothes, food or money to those who lost so much this year. I personally feel that this should happen all the time as each year things can happen, but being a part of those who helped makes me want to do more in the years to come. The boys are old enough now that they are beginning to understand that things happen that are beyond our control and if we have the means to help others out, then that is what we will do.

It's not to downplay what a 180 this year took. This year has really put into perspective what truly matters to us. Focusing on us being present and appreciating what we have right in front of us. This year I made sure to unplug every night and every weekend to soak up time that I will not get back with the boys, who are, by the way, growing up too fast! This year also has put into perspective how blessed I am that I am still able to design homes for my clients even though I have chosen to maintain as much distance as possible. My clients have been amazing with their support and understanding, knowing that even though I am not there physically, I am still putting 110% into their homes and making sure they are getting their dream home!

Which brings me to the ultimate outcome of 2020 and that is the stability of HOME! With us spending more time in our home, this year was THE year for home renovations and it's still booming! We have realized that our homes need to work for us on all fronts-work, school, and most important-enjoyment. Kitchen renovations are probably the number 1 item on everyone's to do list with basement/home gyms close behind. If there is any type of project on your mind, it is never too early to begin your planning. Contractors are booking summer 2021 right now and supply demands are through the roof so don't delay. Even if it's just to get some inspiration, the design phase is the most important 😉.

Friends, my wish for all of you is that you have a joyous holiday season and 2021 brings health and happiness. Here's to another year!🥂

From my family to yours,

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