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BDesign'D, originated by Maria Bowers, Interior Decorator, in 2016 with one thing in mind, to create unique and beautiful homes that compliment your lifestyle.  Our homes need to be able to function on the level we are at, whether it's a family with kids or empty nesters.  Providing my clients with a personal, boutique style experience, every custom design is thoughtfully curated to reflect what is most important to you-your HOME.

With every year that passes, I fall more in love with what I do.  From understanding color undertones, working with trade vendors and contractors, to creating timeless designs, to me, this isn't a job.  It's a passion.  It's a privilege to do what I love and work with the amazing clients that have invited me into their homes.  I continue to learn and grow, and with that will be able to bring you a space that will surely be inspiring.

Sincerely yours,


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